Do you wake up with an immediate reaction to seek validation from others?

What is the first thing you check when you wake up? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter? Now take a moment to think about this, isn’t it odd that is your initial action when you wake up? To look at others glory moments or to see if Patricia liked a picture of your dog? 

When you’re walking between classes what are you looking at? Are you constantly checking to see if you received likes on your Instagram post? When was the last time you had lunch with your family and didn’t use your phone throughout it? When you go out with friends, are you actually having genuine fun or are you worried about getting a good picture to show people that you’re having fun? 

Isn’t it silly to think that people of all ages, teenagers to even seventy year olds, seek validation through how many likes or comments they have on a post? It’s scary to think that some people even base their value off their follower ratio. What’s even scarier is how common it is today to see seven year olds with iPhones.

Why can’t you wake up in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee or watch the sunset? Why can’t you go until noon without checking to see what others are doing? Why do you care if Patricia liked that picture of your dog? It’s still your dog, I hope you love him/her regardless of the amount of likes. Why can’t you talk to your grandparents for an hour at lunch without a distraction? When you’re walking between classes why don’t you take a moment to enjoy nature? When you’re out with friends why can’t you have genuine laughs without everyone having to know?

What A Social Media Detox Taught Me:

Social media doesn’t provide long-term happiness: When constantly checking for validation through likes or comments, you’re not going to be a happy person and most likely someone else’s glory moment will bring comparison

Most of the content isn’t even reality: Have you ever heard of staged poses or how photo editor apps can change an appearance? If that makes you confident, go ahead! Just don’t compare yourself to anyone that airbrushes themselves

You will be more productive without social media

You won’t be distracted and will actually live in the moment 

Become more wise: You have more free time to read actual beneficial material 

After a few weeks you will stop missing it 

You will never disclose too much information again

xx Jordyn

Written by jordyncornelison

A passionate character with a touch of His grace and a love for anything that feels like home.

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