1. Avoid studying in one big chunk It has been proven that if you take an hour out of everyday to study that you’re more likely to retain information
  2. Split your pages up Check how many pages are in a chapter and have a designated amount to read everyday
  3. Track the hours that you study Have a set time everyday for what you’re studying 
  4. Write notes out twice Have a notebook to take to class and a neat one for at home
  5. Type notes out once Google drive saves notes automatically in case you ever lose the paper notes. Plus repetition helps you learn!
  6. Use Quizlet It’s free!! Most flashcards have already been made for you
  7. Keep old quizzes and tests These are good to refer to for cumulative finals and they may contain similar questions that the final will have
  8. Always show work For math have a separate notebook with all the steps to refer back to
  9. Make flashcards Remember repetition is good
  10. Take advantage of free sites proofreadbot.com and paperrater.com are free paper checkers. easybib.com is great for checking citations
  11. Write out summaries At the end of the chapter there is usually a summary with the most important topics from the textbook
  12. Speak up Raise your hand in class if you have a question and go to office hours
  13. Teach it Explaining the material to someone else can help you tremendously with learning 
  14. Small study groups Studying with others may help clear up confusion, but make sure it’s more studying than gossiping
  15. Use extra credit At the end of the semester you may be one percentage point away from that A
  16. Take a day off Give your brain a day to recuperate 
  17. Stay organized Use planners, highlighters, anything that helps you stay put together 
  18. Listen to soothing music Piano music or recordings of rain usually help me focus
  19. Sleep Get the amount of sleep your body needs to maintain focus
  20. Feed your body So important! Your brain needs its calories in order to think 
  21. Don’t skip You’ll need those participation points later on
  22. Test question hack For multiple choice questions, answer without looking at the choices given… if that doesn’t work use the process of elimination. For T/F questions, write out details about the question



Goodluck! 🙂 

xx. Jordyn Cornelison


Written by jordyncornelison

An overly passionate character with a touch of his grace and a love for anything that feels like home.

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