Avoid studying in one big chunk, it has been proven if you spread out study time you’re more likely to retain the information

Divide your pages up and have a specific amount to read each day

Track study hours

Have a notebook to take to class and a neat one for at home

Use Quizlet, not only does it have already made cards but it’s also free

Keep old quizzes and tests to refer back to for cumulative exams

Always show your work, especially in math

Repetition! Rewrite the study material until it’s engraved in your mind

Take advantage of free sites that proofread papers or make citations

Write out chapter summaries

Use office hours

Teach the material to someone else

Participate in small study groups

Use all the extra credit you can get!

Take a day off to let your brain recuperate

Stay organized and use a planner

Find a music genre that helps you study

Get the amount of sleep your body needs to maintain focus

Eat! Your brain needs calories in order to think

Don’t skip class, you will need those participation points later on

xx Jordyn

Written by jordyncornelison

A passionate character with a touch of His grace and a love for anything that feels like home.

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