Lessons From My Three Year Health Journey

When my only reason to workout is for body appearance goals, my workout consistency slowly decreases. Body changes appear over time with consistent habits and when I don’t see results right away my yearn declines.

I love my body, I am blessed with the ability to do a lot of activities. I workout primarly for my health and to get my heart rate up, after each workout I feel great. When I take too much time off from the gym I feel worse emotionally and physically.

I do not rely on motivation to reach my goals, it comes and goes. Routine and shaped habits are what make me get up and do what I need to do.

I do not like to treat the nutrition aspect of health as a diet or be super restrictive. When I fuel my body with recommended nutrients the majority of the time, I know I will be okay to splurge on a goodie every now and then.

If I don’t like to consume added chemicals then why do I put them on my body? Natural skin and body products always make me feel more clean.

Balance is what keeps me sane. If I spend most of my time in the gym, I refuse to feel bad when I decide to have a fun weekend with friends. Same goes for my diet, I refuse to feel bad if I eat a bad meal when I’ve eaten good the rest of the time. I want to live my life, not feel like I’m in a constant battle with my health. When you’re in a mind battle with food and the gym, you’re probably not in the most healthy state anyway.

I like to only use the scale once a year. I don’t like to focus on numbers, I usually have better muscle tone when I weigh more.

I try not to validate myself through comparison. I’m happy for you if you’re successful, good-looking, or have some other great quality. I don’t need to compare myself to you though, I know I will never be you.

I love to nourish my body. After a sweat session or the consumption of wholesome foods, I feel like a new person. I’m energized, I have quality sleep, and able to retain information better.

Genetics do play a roll. I may work hard for a six pack but not be able to attain it, because that’s not my body structure.

People are more likely to be successful when they have a consistent work ethic.

xx Jordyn

Written by jordyncornelison

A passionate character with a touch of His grace and a love for anything that feels like home.

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