I am not everyone's cup of tea, good thing I drink coffee.

As my twenties approach, I have been reflecting on what the past nineteen years have taught me.

Say goodbye to toxic: Have you ever felt like you’ve had to walk on eggshells around certain people? You probably aren’t comfortable being yourself around those people, and should re-evaluate who you surround yourself with.

If you have had to worry about a friend talking about you, cut that friendship off. You should never have to worry about that in a friendship. Your friends should build you up whether you’re present or not.

Acceptance: Accept your past actions because dwelling on them won’t do anything. Use what you learned as a tool to rebuild yourself into who you want to be.

You cannot change the past and if someone cannot accept your past actions you probably do not want them around anyway.

Do not let others bring down your grind: Usually when people are not happy for you it’s because they are not happy for themselves! You will never be able to control how people perceive you, nor does it matter. Just keep being you and making decisions that go toward your life goals.

Communication is key: Be vulnerable and get it off your damn chest! Communicate maturely and remember that you cannot control how others respond. Just be proud that you were brave enough to say how you felt.

Why wait? Work hard and do it now: Why just sit around and dream about what you want? Stop putting it off and chase those damn dreams in this short life. You will feel accomplished and proud of yourself if you tackle your dreams.

Do not always buy the shoes: Materialistic items only provide short-term happiness, save your money for experiences and travel.

Less is more: Try and not attach your emotions to items because they are literally just items that won’t even go to heaven with you. If you have not worn something in a year, you probably won’t wear it again. You will feel so good once you clear out your cupboards, closet, and social media. It also makes moving so much easier!

Friendship breakups are worse than relationship breakups: Friends are supposed to be your reliable support system and keep all your secrets. If a friend can throw away your friendship easily, it probably did not mean much to them in the first place.

People come and people go: Boys come and they go. Your grandparent may pass away. Friends you thought would be in your wedding may leave. It’s okay to be sad, but you must keep living. People come and they go, but life goes on so you must too.

Control what you expose yourself to: Why follow accounts or people that bother you? Just follow whatever makes you happy or motivates you.

Just ask: Usually if you’re in a position where you have to ask, you have nothing to lose. Only gain.

We are all nobodies trying to be somebodies: Everyone gets stuck in a mental prison of trying to impress others when we are all equal and God’s children. Just remember all the money, items, and popularity will not matter when you’re in a coffin. People will only care about how you treated them.

xx Jordyn

Written by jordyncornelison

A passionate character with a touch of His grace and a love for anything that feels like home.

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