I’m a full-time college student with two jobs. If it’s not obvious yet, my major has nothing to do with writing. I’m an aspiring Nurse Practitioner, with countless goals yet to fulfill. I have always wanted my own blog, and I’m not getting any younger. So, here I am! If you choose to look at this blog page, you may be bombarded with posts that have no correlation towards each other. I enjoy writing about subjects that bring me happiness, interest, or inspiration! I’m an overly passionate character, that’s full of faith, and loves anything to do with a healthy lifestyle. My hobbies include setting outrageous goals, finding life through fulfilling my bucket list, and following Jesus. Since being a student ambassador, being bilingual has been a huge goal of mine. Therefore, it’s likely you may stumble across a few French words here and there. Feel free to follow me on my journey toward a healthy, happy lifestyle. Instagram: _passionforhealth

xx Jordyn